What do we need?

Donations to the Foundation

Donations made to the Grapes, Paws & Hops Foundation help us the cost of hosting events. In-kind donations are happily accepted! Sponsorship is a major player for our events. If you would like to become a sponsor please send us an email!

Do you need volunteers?

Volunteers are needed! Volunteers play a huge part in our events, marketing and day to day tasks. 

Volunteer security is also needed for our event. We want to keep all who are involved safe!

Parking attendants, cashiers, personnel at the gate to check ID's and distribute glasses, tokens, event programs and the goody bags for all the pets.

All volunteers will receive tickets to the event once their shift is over.

Do you only accept monetary donations?

Not at all! In-kind donations are accepted!

In-kind donations needed! 

For our four legged friends:

We need treats for our dog and cat goody bags! 

We definitely want to keep the areas clean! Poop bags are a top priority!

Fencing for our off-leash and adoption areas!

Vests for our dogs that are available for adoption! We will be walking the dogs through the festival.

Our pups will be hungry and thirsty from all the walking! Dog food and water bowls will be needed throughout the park!

Signage! We need to direct our pack to all the beer & wine at the festival!

For the 2 legged friends:

Alcohol will be served, we need to keep our attendees hydrated! Bottled water is needed!

Breweries and wineries are needed! Let us help you promote your product and your business!

T-shirts for event staff! 

When and where will the event take place? Parking? 

Parking will be on site and the cost will be included in the ticket prices.

More information about the event will be announced at a later date. Please check in with us for updates. Follow us on Facebook!

We appreciate your help! Need more information? Please send us an email!

Bully's & Boots FAQ

Does Bully's & Boots accept dogs donated by individuals and/or groups?

 Our bylaws state that our dogs will be rescued from shelters and/or rescues and we just don’t have the resources to house them.   As much as we would like to accept donations of dogs, we cannot. 

AnnoHow much does it cost to get a service dog from Bully's & Boots?

 There is no cost to the veteran for a service dog from Bully's & Boots.  The only costs incurred by a Veteran receiving a dog from us would  be any travel related expenses to come pick up the dog in Washington and attending training classes.  Travel expenses include, but are not limited to: travel, accommodations, food, etc. 

How long is the waiting list for a dog?

We present service dogs to qualified Veterans twice a year.  The average waiting period is 6 months, but can be more or less depending on individual circumstances and how many applications we receive. 

If I want a particular breed of dog, can you fulfill my request?

You can request a specific breed, but since our dogs are rescues it is very unlikely to receive a certain breed based on request. All our dogs are chosen based on temperament, stability and working drive rather than breed.  All breeds participating in this program are Bully Breeds; Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Mastiffs, etc.

Does Bully's & Boots certify or register their dogs as service dogs?

At this time, the Americans with Disabilities Act does not require service dogs to be “certified” or "registered".  Our dogs do have documentation and identification, in addition to the mandatory task training required for a dog to legally be a service dog, identifying them as task trained service dogs with our organization.  The only things that make your dog a legal service dog is that your doctor has determined that you have a disability and your service dog is trained in specific tasks to help you mitigate your disability symptoms. 

How old must a dog be in order to begin training as a service dog?

Our dogs enter service training between the ages of 6 and 18 months.